Go Green

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Sustainability --- meeting today’s needs without compromising the needs of future generations.

Urban Exchange is built utilizing space that formerly housed a car dealership. Its construction did not require additional land or demolition of historic structures; the roads and utilities already in place.

Two levels of underground parking increase density and eliminate the need for wasteful paved parking areas. Urban Exchange also has easy access to public transportation, convenient bicycle storage, and charging stations for plug-in electric vehicles, and is within walking and biking distance of the farmer’s market, shops, restaurants, offices, banks, churches and more.

Recycling chutes in each tower make it simple to recycle paper, plastic, and glass.

Sustainable construction choices further reflect a commitment to green living through energy efficient windows and air-conditioning units, recycled wood walkways, the use of low VOC emissions materials to enhance indoor air quality, and EnergyStar appliances. The hiring of local suppliers and construction workers reduced transportation costs and kept dollars in the local economy.

Learn about the ways Urban Exchange is working to promote green living:

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